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Make Our Wiener Sauce at Home

For many years, our customers have told us how they try to make their own wiener sauce at home and all the different ingredients that they use (tomato sauce, brown gravy mix, even Worcestershire sauce!). We now have packaged the secret recipe so you can make our famous wiener sauce at home. Each re-sealable package contains 6 tablespoons of our all-natural blend of spices which is enough to season up to 3 pounds of ground beef. On the label are step-by-step directions, and we also have added some tips at the bottom of this page for even better results. So, to make Rhode Island’s Best Hot Wiener sauce, follow these directions and, enjoy!

First, purchase our Spice Mix. If you don’t see our Spice Mix on display at your favorite store, ask for it! Or, you can buy our Hot Wiener Sauce Spice Mix online at Only In Rhode Island.

1. Wieners or hot dogs.

We use natural-casing wieners that come in a long ‘rope’ that we have to cut and this product is not sold in retail stores. However, if you go to the Rhode Island Provision retail store on Day St. in Johnston, RI, you can purchase the actual product that we use. Visit for more information. (Look for the NYS weiners w/ natural casing.) In place of this, you can use an all-beef hot dog which are similar in taste.

2. Rolls.

We use a side-cut hot dog roll that is commonly found in many supermarkets.

3. Mustard.

We use a yellow bran mustard that is similar in taste to a mild deli mustard.

4. Onions.

We use what are called ‘Spanish’ onion but in the supermarkets, you know them as yellow onions.

5. Celery salt.

6. Soybean Oil.

The ingredients of the sauce:

The most important part of this entire process is the ground beef. Make sure you purchase 80% lean (or less) ground beef. If the ground beef is too lean, the sauce will be too dry. Use soybean oil only… do not use any substitutions such as other oils or butter.

And finally, to prepare the sauce:

  • Heat soybean oil in a 2 quart saucepan.
  • Add onion and simmer until brown.
  • Stir in spice and then crumble beef into mixture.
  • Simmer, covered, for 1 hour and stir occasionally and mash with a potato masher for finer consistency. If the sauce is too dry after a half hour, add more soybean oil.

Also, when we serve hot wieners, the rolls are steamed. We recommend that just before serving, put your rolls in a microwave for a few seconds and then, before you know it, you’ll be lining them up your arm!